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The Freedom to Chart Your Own Course

By Sponsor National Merchants Association

Lindsay Sugarman, Tradeshow and Events Manager at National Merchants Association, discusses how working at NMA has furthered her career and allowed her to explore career paths ranging from copywriting and content creation to marketing and event management. Ms. Sugarman has worked for NMA for over three years and is proud to be part of the 8% of women in the payments industry.

Speaker: Lindsay Sugarman

14 Shocking Weight Loss Statistics & How to Stop It From Happening To You

By Delta Life Fitness

Women weight loss statistics and what to do about them.

Speaker: Cody Bishop

Few Possess It, All Need It

by Success with Jess

Learn 5 Proven Ways to Make 2017 Your Best year yet (excerpt from Jessica Lewis’s book 30 Days to Stop Sucking and Start Thriving). Book purchases and signings available.

Speaker: Jessica Lewis

Start Your Day the Grateful Way!

By Author and Therapist Laura Wilcox

During this talk, Author and Therapist, Laura D. Wilcox will teach you her method on how to be grateful every day. You will be able to apply this technique to every aspect of your life so that you can be successful, achieve your goals and lead your best life! Laura’s book, Faith and the Second Hand will be available for purchase and for book signing.

Speaker: Laura Wilcox

Something Your Mother Forgot to Tell You About Preparing for The Worst

by Amy Fisher Law Inc.

Amy will be explaining why simple to use estate plan documents can protect women (and men) and their families from expensive court processes when someone becomes incapacitated or dies.

Speaker: Amy Fisher

Trust Your Journey

by Author, Influencer and Style Enthusiast Glenda K. Harrison

Trust Your Journey is an inspirational discussion designed to inspire women regardless of age or current life situation… to not give up hope in spite of life circumstances.   Glenda will share her story of how painful life lessons can lead to personal growth and triumph. Attendees will walk away inspired to step outside the box of confinement and into a life of peace and wholeness and with the desire to utilize their unique gifts. Book purchases and signings available.

Speaker: Glenda K. Harrison

First Women in Real Estate

By Marie Antonette Waite

Marie will discuss the difference between traditional push marketing versus using the Finest Women in Real Estate pull marketing concept.

Speaker: Marie Antonette Waite

The Benefits of Having a Unique Product and Why to Secure a Patent

By Scarffie

Patent-holder Marie Galloway will discuss her unique product Scarffie and how she obtained a patent. Marie will go into detail about the importance of developing a unique product and following through with any visions or ideas. She gives steps, tips, and stories to educate and guide on developing one’s own brand and bringing it to market.

Speaker: Marie Galloway